Saturday, March 8, 2008

Popular Movie Rentals

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If you are a lover of movie you can enjoy different types of films for recreation. In modern days you have the facilities to opt for several types of movie rentals. In every country there is the advantages of enjoying movies through rentals. Along with the retail movie rental stores you can also have the facilities of online movie rentals. Some of the retail stores of movie rentals have gained popularity for offering top movies to their users. Apart from the retail popular movie rentals stores you can also find the popular movie rentals on Internet.

In the world of popular movie rentals that have both the options of retail stores and online sites are the names of Blockbuster and Netflix. The Blockbuster is widely known for its treasure of movies. It offers exclusive scopes to enjoy every types of movies. From war movies, horror films to romantic movies all can be enjoyed by the visitors of the company. Blockbuster has its glorious presence in the arena of popular movie rentals through its healthy network of services. Apart from the retail stores of Blockbuster that is present in various countries of the world, the online sites are also famous for offering excellent facilities of movie rentals.

Some of the famous movies that you can enjoy by visiting either of the sites or retail stores of Blockbuster include the names of Take the Lead, Fracture, Annapolis, Finding Neverland, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unortunate Events, She's the Man, Open Season, Bobby, The Last king of Scotland, Jarhead, Without a Paddle, Brokeback Mountain, Garden State, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead man's Chest, Flags of Our Fathers, The Manchurian Candidate, Invincible, The Wedding Date, Lord of War, The Devil Wears Prada, Yours, Mine & Ours, The Manchurian Candidate, Ladder 49 ,Last Holiday, A History of Violence, The Queen, Rocky Balboato, Syriana, The Break-Up, The Benchwarmers, Employee of the Month, Just Friends, The Interpreter, Cinderella Man, World Trade Center, Catch and Release, In Her Shoes, King Kong, Two for the Money, Dreamgirls, Collateral, Poseidon, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, V for Vendetta, Apocalypto, Must Love Dogs, The Sentinel and many others.

Those who want to watch the movies that are related to war will find exclusive war movies of different categories in Blockbuster. Wartime Espionage, War Romance, War Epic, War Drama, War Adventure, Combat and Anti-War are some of the common kinds of war movies. If you are interested in the horror films you can choose from the various categories of horror movies. Supernatural Thriller, Slashers & Psychos, Sci-Fi Horror, Occult, Nature Gone Wild, Monsters, Horror Comedy, Gothic Horror and Ghosts & Haunts are the favorite genres of the lovers of horror flims.

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