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Singapore International film Festival Movie Tickets

Movie Tickets form an very important aspect of Movie Festivals. If you are planning to make it for the Singapore International film festival, this time then you should be on your toes regarding the tickets to the show. It is a very coveted show. Every body is eager to make it for the event. You can be guaranteed that you will be one of the lucky few to the event this time. The inceptions of the Singapore International film festival can be traced back to the year 1987. It is an annual event and extremely popular with the people of Singapore. It is normally held in the months of April or May. The outstanding thing about the Singapore International film festival is that it screens not less than 300 films per festival.

The festival celebrates technical excellence in films. Notwithstanding, films from not less than 45 countries are screened. The Singapore International film festival features films which have won a lot of critical acclaim from both the critics and the audiences as well.

A lot of workshops are held as a part and parcel of the Singapore International film festival. Seminars are held galore. There are a number of rounded discussions which are carried out to account for what makes for the brilliance of these films. The International Film Festival at Singapore tries to bring Southeast Asian films into the limelight as well. The focus is entirely on Asian films. It is a event which pays tribute to talent of the Asian film-makers.

The Objectives of the Popular Film Festival at Singapore is :

* Promote film as an artistic medium
* Provide audiences with an opportunity to films which do not generally make it the cinema houses but are technically brilliant. It also includes films which have been very soundly scripted.
* Establish the principles of what makes for good cinema
* Use the screening of international films as a source of inspiration to further develop the Film Industry at Singapore.
* Provide an international platform for Asian Cinema

Thereby, The International Film Festival at Singapore, gives Asian Cinema the much needed boost it requires.

The tickets to the event can be booked on line itself. You just have to log on to the site. Thus you can avail of the facility of online booking which can be done at a drop of a hat.

To avail of the tickets for the The Singapore International film festival, you simply log on to the site

As you scroll down the Home Page, you spot a calendar towards the left hand side of the page. This is towards the end of the page. It is a replica of the page of a calendar. You will that the month it features is the month in which the film festival is scheduled to take place.

The days for which this exciting event is scheduled will be of a different color. You simply click on the date you prefer to be at the event.

Some points to note are that when it comes to films being screened on the same day-you will need to find out more details about this via a telephone call. By calling on 6225 1720, you will get more information regarding the purchase of tickets for films to be screened on the same day.

By logging on to the site mentioned you will also get information regarding the tickets which have already been sold out. In case a film show stands canceled, you also get online information regarding the cancellations and you do not have to go through the hassle of carrying out an unnecessary trip to the venue.

The online facility is a great boon. It puts you to complete ease and is worth opting for.

Regal Entertainment Group is the biggest movie theater conglomerate

Regal Entertainment Group is the biggest movie theater conglomerate which is located throughout America. This conglomerate operate nearly operates around 6,367 screens in around 527 centers of the country which is stretched around 40 states of US. The group was set up in Knoxville, Tennessee US in the year 2002. At the present moment the group is still operational in the same place of US as stated above. Regal Entertainment Group in US is one of the popular movie theaters of the country.

Regal Entertainment Group of US has in all 3 different groups. The names of the groups are stated as follows:

* Regal Cinemas
* Edwards theaters
* United Artists theaters

The different groups of Regal Entertainment Groups operate under different banner. Any how 4each group of this entertainment group operate under different banners but the logo of the parent company is utilized by every group.

In US Regal Entertainment Group is the highest exhibitor of motion picture not only in US but also all over the world. It is one such group which is competing along with National Cine Media Group of US. Contrarily the NCM screens around 12000 screens, in around 1100 theaters in all the 43 states of US. Regal Entertainment Group of US, apart from Knoxville in US, operates in other parts of the country. The group is not operational all over the country, but in selected pockets of the country.

Now let’s discuss the different wings of Regal Entertainment Group of US. The names of the group are Regal Cinemas. Regal Cinemas was originally formed in the year 1989 in Knoxville. In the beginning a retired American Corporate Executive was appointed as CEO. The executive was previously appointed as president of a small group of cinema houses called Premiere Cinemas was later on sold to Cinemark theaters So with the passing off time Regal Cinemas began to grow rapidly by opening bigger cinema halls in smaller towns of US. Most of the cinema halls have the premium style cafĂ©. Then the expansion process of the cinema halls continued. The maximum expansion of Regal Cinemas took place around the year when this prominent cinema hall of the country began the acquisition process with the purchase of smaller cinema halls like Cobb theaters and RC theaters.

Now coming to Edwards theaters, it was a family owned business in US. It was established in the year 1930 by William James Edwards. As due to financial crisis the family members of Edwards theaters were unable to continue the operation. Hence the theater and movie hall was purchased by this Regal Entertainment Conglomerate around the year 2002. United Artists theaters is actively operational all over US, with the famous artists all over the country showed their acting skills. Out of all the artists of US, the names of Charles Chaplin stand prominent not only in US but all over the globe.

Cannes Film Festival

The movie festivals are held in different parts of the world at various times of the year. It is when you attend a movie festival, that you would be able to watch varied kinds of movies in a short span of time. There are numerous countries where the movie festivals are held and include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, France and Australia. All these countries boast of some of the most popular movie festivals of the world. The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most important movie festivals of the world and attended by a huge number of the people.

Where and when held?

The film festival is held in the southern part of France in the town of Cannes. The Cannes Film Festival is one of the oldest film festivals of the world. It was in the year 1939 that the film festival was held for the first time. From the year 1939 onwards, it has been a very exciting journey for all those who have been a part of the Cannes movie festival. The film festival in Cannes is normally held in the month of May. To be a part of the movie festival in Cannes is seen as a matter of prestige by all the people associated with the movie world.

Popularity of the festival

The Cannes Film Festival is incredibly popular with both the movie makers and the movie goers. The events of the festival are covered by both the print and the electronic media of the world. One of the high points which any movie or movie maker can claim is to have won an award at the Cannes. That is why you would find most of the world’s movie makers making an appearance at the Cannes movie festival. Even being part of the jury which decides the movies to be awarded is a matter of prestige for all the people.

Movies showcased

A variety of movies from different parts of the world are screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Since the movie festival is held in the country of France, the French films form an integral part of the festival. The Spanish and English films shown at the film festival in Cannes also attract a large audience. The prospect of winning a Cannes Film Festival award lures a lot of the movie makers to participate in the festival. Documentaries and short films to feature films, all types of movies are screened at the movie festival in Cannes.

Tickets and other Details

The Cannes Film Festival has provided a platform for the countries of the European continent to showcase their artistic movies. The festival has been doing great work in promoting the European art and films in other parts of the world, by attracting the attention of the international public and the world media. In order to get the movie tickets at the Cannes Film Festival you would be required to contact the Cannes Cinephiles or the Tourism Office. Both are located outside the Palais de films. The official website of the festival, www.festival-cannes.fr, could also be checked out.

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the popular movie festivals held in the country of France.

The Seattle International Film Festival

The Seattle International Film Festival is a major film festival. Film festivals are a film lover's paradise. Film festivals or movie festivals are a boon for film lovers all over the world. At any major film festival like the Seattle International Film Festival or the SIFF, a large number of films from different categories are screened. For film lovers, a film festival is a venue where they get to view multiple films at the same venue. This is an opportunity that most film lovers would not miss for anything in the world.

Usually, at film festivals or movie festivals the prices of tickets are kept at lower rates than you would pay for a normal 'first day first show' movie ticket.

The Seattle International Film Festival or SIFF is a annual film festival held at Seattle, in the United States of America. It is ranked among the top film festivals in the world. The Seattle International Film Festival is increasingly becoming popular not only with film lovers but also with film makers, from all over the world.

The coveted award offered by the Seattle International Film Festival is the Golden Space Needle award. This award is given to the most popular movie of the Seattle International Film Festival. The film named 'Outsourced' won the coveted Golden Space Needle in the year 2007.

Film festivals are places where film directors and producers try to exhibit their creativity, to a select audience. The set of judges for any important film festival like the Seattle International Film Festival or SIFF, are very carefully selected. The judges should be such that contestants and participants should not feel like questioning their judgment.

The Seattle International Film Festival is gradually emerging as one of the most respectable film festivals or movie festivals in the United States of America. World famous directors like Stanley Kubrick are associated with the organizing of the festival, at Seattle. The Seattle International Film Festival has become one of the major attractions of Seattle. In the year 2007, the Seattle International Film Festival or the SIFF was held during the period extending from the month of May to the month of June. Specifically, it was held during 25th May to 17th June.

You may go to “seattlefilm.org” to buy tickets online. The site offers numerous details about the Seattle International Film Festival or the SIFF. You will also be taken on a shopping tour if you go to this site.

Popular Movie Festivals

Movies or films are the stuff that dreams are made of. Movie goers flock to the halls to view the movies of their choice. The film makers make the films to put forth their creative energies. The way they view the world, the way they put forth their idea on a certain topic, or the way they view a certain work of literature, all go into the making of a movie. Movie Festivals are a cinema lover's delight. Movie Festivals are the platforms where film directors big and small put forth their creativity in the form of the movies that they have directed or produced. There are various categories like art films, action films, and so on.

A large number of films are screened under each category. The movie buffs or the film buffs flock to the venues of the film festivals, to see the movies of their choice. Usually, movie festivals are venues where multiple films are screened at the same time. The movie fans, the media, and the movie critics have a tough time which venue they would visit, and which they would leave out.

There are number of important film festivals like the Cannes Film Festival. The Cannes Film Festival was started in Cannes, way back in the year 1939. The town Cannes is a French resort town, in the southern part of France. The sixty first annual Cannes Film Festival will be organized in the month of May, in the year 2008. The tentative period for this movie festival is between the fourteenth of May, and the twenty-fifth of May. The Palme d'Or or the Golden Palm is the coveted prize of the Cannes Film Festival. This is a most revered movie festival. This is an international film festival, and films from all over the world are screened at this movie festival.

The Locorno Film Festival is another major movie festival. This popular international movie festival is held in the town of Locorno, in Switzerland. Locorno is located in the canton named Ticino. The Locorno Movie Festival was founded a long time ago, not long after the Second World War, in the year 1946. The Padro d'Oro or the Golden Leopard is the coveted trophy of the Locorno movie festival.

The Oscar Award or the Academy Award may be also be considered a film festival of sorts, though technically it is not a film festival. It has a special section on foreign films. This is an annual film awards ceremony organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, of the United States of America. The Oscar statuette is a coveted by film makers. The first Academy Award was held, way back in the year, 1929. On the twenty fifth of February, 2007, the seventy ninth Academy Awards ceremony was held at the venue of the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. On 24th February, 2008, the eightieth Academy Awards are scheduled to be held. The event is telecast live all over the world. In that sense it may be considered a movie festival of sorts.