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Western Movie Database of movie festivals

If you're seriously interested in knowing about Western Movie Database, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about Western Movie Database.

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The Hollywood movies have always mesmerized the audiences with their thrilling scenes, elements of adventure, special effects and wonderful performances delivered by the actors. Out of the various genre of films the western movies have always been able to retain their charm and brilliance. Most of the western films depict characters that were prevalent in the literature classics of the 19th century era. Western movie database primarily comprises the films that showcase the lifestyles of the regions of Nevada, Texas, California and many more. In the western films one thing that is most common is perhaps the style quotient.

The prominent roles in the western movies are usually played by the cowboys. Often leading the life of a wanderer a cowboy is arguably amongst the best of all gun fighters in the world. The Stetson Hat, buckskins, horses and guns represent as the integral parts in a cowboys life. The role of animals, specially that of faithful horses remains to be a major attraction in such western flicks. Western movie database consists of several films that show the fight of the western peoples with the warriors of the Native American tribes. A common change that is clearly visible in the western flicks is that the Native Americans who were portrayed as villainous characters were later on showed as decent citizens.

Different types of rifles and revolvers that are featured in the western movies are also considered among the most stylish ones. The nature of gun fightings and horse ridings captivates the audience. A common story line that has been featured in several of western flicks is that small towns being terrorized by criminal groups. One such popular film that is listed within the western movie database is perhaps 'The Magnificent Seven' (1960), which was directed by John Struges. Vast landscapes are often featured in these type of films. In the film 'Stagecoach' released in the year 1939 and in 'Cheyenne Autumn' made in the year 1965 the deserts and other terrains of the western parts of US were elaborately depicted.

Most of the western movies depict ranches and even small sized towns. Western movie database includes a number of sub-genres, like: Classical Westerns, Spaghetti Westerns, Contemporary films, Science Fiction Western, Ostern and Revolutionist Western. The first ever western movie titled 'The Great Train Robbery' was released in the year 1903. It was one of the most popular classical westerns that draw many cinema lovers. The directors, like John Ford, Edwin S. Porter and Howard Hawks have become legends through their wonderful creative works.

Western movie database includes a number of films that successfully covered a number of aspects of the people from the western regions of US. 'The White Sun of the Desert' became one of the popular Ostern genre movies to mark a dent in the Hollywood industry. In the year 1956, the film 'The Last Wagon' came out as a huge hit. During the period between 1960s and 1970s some of the path breaking western movies came forth that created an entire new genre known as 'Acid Western'. Films, like: 'The Shooting' directed by Monte Hellman and 'Dead Man' directed by Jim Jarmusch became extremely popular with the audiences.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Online Movie Premier Tickets

Do you ever feel like you know just enough about Movie Tickets? Let's see if we can fill in some of the gaps with the latest info from online Movie Tickets experts.Knowledge can give you a real advantage. To make sure you're fully informed about Movie Tickets, keep reading.

Movie tickets may be seen as a movie buff's entry to the world of his dreams. Any movie lover will tell you about the joy that involves buying a movie ticket. That movie ticket can be regarded as the gateway to an alternate world of reality. Of course, there are 'realistic' movies and fantasy movies, or even popular movies that take you to a parallel world where there are 'happily ever after endings.'

Movie tickets can be of various types, the latest trend is that even movie tickets have advertisements on them, The presence of sponsors on movie tickets shows the popularity of movie tickets. At times, you will find another innovative form of advertising on movie tickets. These movie tickets also function as discount coupons. You need to produce them at the stores that have sponsored the movie ticket to get attractive discounts on items like books, CDs, toys, even accessories related to the film!

There are avid movie buffs or movie fans who collect used movie tickets. It would be interesting to see how movie tickets have evolved over the years.

There are numerous ways of buying movie tickets. You may buy them online from the site of the theater, or may choose to stand in a queue and buy your movie ticket. Also,to cash in on the popularity of film festivals, you will find that there are a number of sites that call themselves 'hubs' that sell movie tickets online.

Online Movie Tickets- You may buy online movie tickets without leaving the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to surf the internet. In doing so, you should be able to get a few of the reliable ticket sites that sell online movie tickets. While buying an online movie ticket , all you need to know is that you should enter the time of the movie, the number of movie tickets that you would require, and choose the correct movie. Please remember that these online movie ticket sites usually sell movie tickets of movies. Buying an online movie ticket is the easiest way of buying a movie ticket.

Movie Premier Tickets- When a movie is released for the auidiences, one of the honored ceremony of releasing a movie is organizing the movie premier. Usually, a few section of the media, film personalities, the movie crew, and the movie cast, and a restricted section of 'common' people are invited to the movie premier. The tickets for this ceremony are called movie premier tickets. Usually , movie premier tickets are sold at a very high price, but more often than not these movie premier tickets are a part of special invitations or special movie promotional offer schemes. These movie premier tickets are sold as winner's prizes in various promotional contests that are held before the release of the movie,or if the movie is a 'hit' then even after the movie has been released.

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IMAX theaters-Canada Movie Theaters

This article tries to make sure you get the whole IMAX theaters story from informed sources. IMAX a shorter version of Image Maximum, is a film format created by Canada's IMAX Corporation. The conventional display system lack the more advanced display systems which has the capacity to display images of far greater size and resolution. IMAX screens of standard forms are 22m wide and 16.1m high that is nearly (72.6ft*52.8 ft). In recent times with advanced technologies theaters are widely using IMAX systems for large formats and special screening of films.

A data revealed that there are nearly 280 IMAX theaters located in 38 countries of which 60% are located in the United States and Canada. Nearly half of these are used for commercial purposes and the other half for educational purposes. The concept of IMAX 3D has further more enhanced the process of projecting objects in a bigger/larger form. These have let to IMAX Theaters gaining popularity and a name among its viewers. The biggest IMAX Dome is present in the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey.

IMAX Theater construction is also different than that of a conventional and normal theater. Due to its increased resolution audience are able to view objects siting at a closer proximity of the screen. All rows of IMAX Theaters are typically being laid at one screen-height, theses rows are also set at a much steeper angle up to 23 degrees, so that audience face the screen directly.

In recent years many Holly Wood films have undergone a change in version and adapted to IMAX format for screening at the IMAX theaters. Warner Brothers specially to add on to its business released Harry Potter in the IMAX format thus increasing its earnings at the box office.

IMAX technologies help movie viewing in a completely different way. On line purchase of tickets for IMAX Theaters are available at various sites. IMAX price viewing is more than that of ordinary viewing. You will get a listing of all movies showing at IMAX Theaters on line. Viewers can purchase movie tickets, and more detailed information on show timings, trailers, can read reviews and more on line.

IMAX corporation which was founded in he year 1967 and based in New York and Toronto is one of the world's largest entertainment technologies Companies. The IMAX Theater network presently consists of 300 IMAX Theaters in nearly 40 countries. Till date nearly 1billion people all over the world has enjoyed the IMAX experience at specially designed IMAX Theaters.

The IMAX Theaters are specially designed to present accurate and visually stunning images of high quality. These images captures the viewer's peripheral vision, which gives audience an extraordinary feeling clubbed with its digital surrounding sound system. IMAX as a company is planning to launch its new IMAX digital projection system in the year 2008. This more advanced system will deliver superior image quality and enable IMAX movie viewers with an added enjoyable movie viewing. IMAX Theaters located world wide will gain from this latest technology. The craze for IMAX viewing will increase considerably where viewers can cherish their favorite movies and can be a part of that movie whole heartedly.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Leeds International Film Festival

Numerous movie festivals are held at various times of the year in different parts of the world. The movie festivals provide the moviemakers a chance to showcase their skills to varied kinds of audiences. People from different parts of the world converge to the location where a movie festival is being held, to watch some of the most fantastic movies ever made. The film festivals could be of international, national or regional nature.

But the hardly makes a difference to the charm of the movies showcased. One of the popular movie festivals held in the country of England is the Leeds International Film Festival.

Where and when held?

The Leeds International Film Festival, as the name suggests, is held in the English city of Leeds. The film festival attracts a large number of the people from around the world. It is one of the major film festivals held in the world. The first ever International Film Festival in Leeds was held in the year 1987. From the first day of the festival, it managed to attract a lot of interest in the audiences and the moviemakers. The film festival is held annually, in the month of November or December.

Popularity of the festival
The Leeds International Film Festival is popular throughout the world. It has never failed to evoke interest in the people. From the year, the film festival started to be held in the city of Leeds, the number of people attending it has been forever increasing. Film makers from various countries participate in the movie festival. Some of the countries which participate in the film festival include the likes of Spain, Poland, Ireland, Norway, and of course the United Kingdom. The festival is also widely covered by the international media. Films made in different languages are also included in the movie festival in Leeds.

Movies showcased

A variety of movies, boasting of different themes and stories, are included in the Leeds International Film Festival. From horror movies to comedy films, all are part of the film festival in Leeds. Entries are also invited for categories of short films and documentaries. Popular feature films from different parts of the world are screened during the movie festival. Numerous awards under various categories are also bestowed on deserving movies. The children’s movie festival is also a special attraction of the movie festival. Some of the world’s best cinema is screened at the Leeds International Film Festival.

Participating countries and other details

The world’s best film making countries, participate in the Leeds International Film Festival. Entries for participation are received, each year from countries like Poland, Ireland, Spain and Norway. From Chinese to Argentine movies, all are screened during the course of the film festival in the city of Leeds. The movie tickets for the festival is sold through the official website, The official website is a storehouse of information about the festival. Tickets for the movies could also be bought from the city center box office.

The Leeds International Film Festival is one of the major movie festivals of the world.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Adlabs-Movie Theatres in India

There are many movie theatres in India. Adlabs is one of the most reputed movie theatre in India.Adlabs was founded by Manmohan Shetty in 1978. Adlabs was actually a film processing company. This is one of the very few companies in India which can be given the name of a all-rounder as far entertainment is concerned. The main instigator of Adlabs venturing out into film screening has been Manmohan Shetty who is personally a movie lover.

About Adlabs:
The company used to process the advertisement films. Adlabs also started processing commercial films. Reliance joined Adlabs in 2005.
Adlabs has opened a string of movie theaters all over India. It has also ventured in the business of producing films and provides a platform to the film technicians and the directors for showcasing their talent.

For almost thirty years Adlabs has been involved in processing and distribution of films. The venture into multiplex arena has proved that the organization can do multitasking with ease.

Details on Adlabs:
Some of the important facts related to Adlabs are:

* Adlabs established IMAX Movie Theater in Mumbai in 2001. Imax Dome Theater in Mumbai is one of the modern architectural masterpieces. The contemporary design and architectural patterns are reflected through IMAX Movie Theater. IMAX is equipped with the cutting -edge technology.
* IMAX can accommodate 520 persons. The projection system used in Imax of Adlabs produces superior quality of picture.
* IMAX 3D theater uses cutting -edge technology by virtue of which the audience can witness the three dimensional effect. The images from the screen are shifted in front of the eyes of the audience that create a unique impact.
* Adlabs gives a unique experience to the spectators. This is a exceptional system that is exclusively available in Adlabs’ IMAX 3D theater. All these qualities make it really a memorable experience for the film goers. It soothing to the eyes and ears, which makes it all the more popular.

Information about Adlabs :

* A lot of movie buffs throng the theaters of Adlabs to derive amusement and recreation.
* The acoustics of Adlab halls conform to the international standard of quality and clarity.
* A lot of food stalls are there in Adlabs that sell a wide variety of delicious food catering to the gastronomic desire of the movie-viewers.
* The cozy seats are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort for the audience. Adlabs also provides the experience of private viewing with premium quality seats.
* Adlabs is instrumental in adding a new dimension to the experience of watching movie in India.

Adlabs has opened a chain of movie theaters in Mumbai, Pune, and Rajasthan etc. This multiplex promises to give the movie goers a great time. Such endeavors are highly appreciated by the masses in country where a quite a huge number of films are made every year.

There's a lot to understand about Adlabs. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above on Adlabs, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles on Adlabs.