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Western Movie Database of movie festivals

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The Hollywood movies have always mesmerized the audiences with their thrilling scenes, elements of adventure, special effects and wonderful performances delivered by the actors. Out of the various genre of films the western movies have always been able to retain their charm and brilliance. Most of the western films depict characters that were prevalent in the literature classics of the 19th century era. Western movie database primarily comprises the films that showcase the lifestyles of the regions of Nevada, Texas, California and many more. In the western films one thing that is most common is perhaps the style quotient.

The prominent roles in the western movies are usually played by the cowboys. Often leading the life of a wanderer a cowboy is arguably amongst the best of all gun fighters in the world. The Stetson Hat, buckskins, horses and guns represent as the integral parts in a cowboys life. The role of animals, specially that of faithful horses remains to be a major attraction in such western flicks. Western movie database consists of several films that show the fight of the western peoples with the warriors of the Native American tribes. A common change that is clearly visible in the western flicks is that the Native Americans who were portrayed as villainous characters were later on showed as decent citizens.

Different types of rifles and revolvers that are featured in the western movies are also considered among the most stylish ones. The nature of gun fightings and horse ridings captivates the audience. A common story line that has been featured in several of western flicks is that small towns being terrorized by criminal groups. One such popular film that is listed within the western movie database is perhaps 'The Magnificent Seven' (1960), which was directed by John Struges. Vast landscapes are often featured in these type of films. In the film 'Stagecoach' released in the year 1939 and in 'Cheyenne Autumn' made in the year 1965 the deserts and other terrains of the western parts of US were elaborately depicted.

Most of the western movies depict ranches and even small sized towns. Western movie database includes a number of sub-genres, like: Classical Westerns, Spaghetti Westerns, Contemporary films, Science Fiction Western, Ostern and Revolutionist Western. The first ever western movie titled 'The Great Train Robbery' was released in the year 1903. It was one of the most popular classical westerns that draw many cinema lovers. The directors, like John Ford, Edwin S. Porter and Howard Hawks have become legends through their wonderful creative works.

Western movie database includes a number of films that successfully covered a number of aspects of the people from the western regions of US. 'The White Sun of the Desert' became one of the popular Ostern genre movies to mark a dent in the Hollywood industry. In the year 1956, the film 'The Last Wagon' came out as a huge hit. During the period between 1960s and 1970s some of the path breaking western movies came forth that created an entire new genre known as 'Acid Western'. Films, like: 'The Shooting' directed by Monte Hellman and 'Dead Man' directed by Jim Jarmusch became extremely popular with the audiences.

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